hello everybody~ bcoz were too bz with so many events goin on we decided only to write briefly about what we'd done along our time.. yeah so tired n bz til didnt have time to write at this blog (plus nak pikir ape nak tulis lagi pening haha)..

So here it is.. last Monday and Tuesday weve done shows at MMU Cyberjaya for Digi Campus Tour.. the member who participate in this show is Wan, Joe, Nas and Farouq.. its a hot day and of coz its hot bcoz MMU is at Cyberjaya~ the first show the person incharge ordered us to do show in front of library with no music.. haha..plus the floor is so wack like at Bukit Bintang floor.. *luke sane sini oo~~ feel like stupid but who care as long as we are paid..lol~ we'd done about 4 showcase from 12 pm to 6pm..

Chilling out while waiting for the next show~

with a bboy who study at MMU.. dont remember what his name haha.. what's his name Wan?

Wan : Nama dia lawrence la ...


love wakaka <3

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