28 June, Sunday- Hahah, we got an invitation to do performance at shuffle competition! hahaha weirdo but layan jela.. lagipon kite kena support aktiviti2 yang berfaedah ni bukankah begitu?? hehe..at 3pm i(farouq lagi), joe, boy and wan went to Ole-ole Shopping Complex at Shah Alam.. We actually had perform there once, also under our beloved Kak Nurul~ =*.. hehe.. First we got there, the competition didnt over yet.. so we went to the toilet first.. then we go back to the stage(its not a stage anyway, its juz the floor..haha) suddenly the mc say "the show will start in 5minutes~ haa?? we havent stretching yet! hahaha.. layan jela.. actually when the show started we kinda shy bcoz we feel like we perform at a wrong event.. however the crowd really not dissapointing coz we got their support! hahaha.. of coz, shuffler is also dancer.. they now how it feel to be like us..kakaka jiwang plak~~ after the show, we borak with some of the shuffler.. amazingly, most of them know about bboying!! skills, famous bboy and all.. haha good2.. u all shud also learn how to bboy ok..


Shuffler: abang, dalam wakaka ni sape yang reti popping?
joe: abang ni.. die popping, shuffle electro sume bole! (sambil menunjuk ke arah boy)
big boy: (sambil merenung tajam) siot ko kalo nak bahan aku ade je point!
shuffler: terpinga beramai2~

hahaha~ joe always like dat, we already get used to it.. saba jela boy~~

after the show, we all hang out at Bukit Bintang..
Wan bought a new shoes Nike Sweet Classic~

Me(Farouq) bought a new skinny! yeay~ *its always our style, WAKAKA style hahahah~~~

Boy also buy new shoe laces with dope colours..cool~~

After that we went back home tiredly..


After our show for Takasima had been cancelled last minute, we got an invitation to do a show for Real One Malaysia Weekend Fun at Cineleisure, Damansara.. Were so lucky coz at least we got sumthing to do for the weekend..and got sumthing to write at this blog..kakaka.. Alhamdulillah~

We arrived at Cineleisure at about 2.45pm, late for 15 minutes from the time dealed, which is 2.30pm.. its ok coz our show will begin at 3pm, haha *da agak da msti start lambat.. cam bese arr~ joe already there! wow! haha.. i (farouq) wan and boy went there together.. like always~
The event was held at the LG floor..

As we get nearby to the stage, we met Kak Mariam, who was the person who deal wit us for the show.. We do the soundcheck to make sure that the music could be played.. and yeah, wan burn the cd in a wrong format! haha.. luckily, they got laptop that can play mp3 format cd.. fuhhh~~
we met wit the person incharge for the event, which is Kak Zaty... * very3 pretty!!!! arghhh~~ LOL~ she asked us whether if we want to take autograph from Alleycats who also do a show at that event *erm, no thanx..hehe..

At 3pm sharp, we start our showcase.. it runs smoothly, except for the crowd seem to be pretty discouraging coz there wasnt many ppl there.. *we already get used to it hehe..

This is our first set showcase !!! enjoy !!!

After the show, Kak Mariam informed us to do the show again, after the silat and shuffle performances.. and the shufflers isn there yet~~ aiyoo..
so, we have to do another performance after the silat performance.. *tired oo~~ and bcoz we didnt really prepared, we juz do a freestyle showcase! wahahaha.. an ize way out =P.. (*cara kita! -joe)

Our second showcase !!! ahahahh !!! look at Joe at 0:32 Wakakakaakakak !!!

After the show, we got our payment on the spot.. *yeay! we take our time a bit to have a conversation with Kak Zaty *pretty2~.. she told us that there will be another event on August at Bukit Jalil which is the main event for the Real One. We also talks about few other things and change business cards..

Farouq: Akak, umo akak bape?
K. Zaty: mm, jap ek (sambil mencari2)
K. Zaty: Nampak x budak pempuan pakai baju kuning tgh duduk kat kerusi tu?
Farouq:Nampak.. nape?
K. Zaty: Tu anak akak.. Ko takyahla tanye umo akak bape..
Ramai2: WOOooOOO!!! (bersorak sambil mengangkat tangan)
Farouq: * ADUSSS! haha~


After that, we met Nasir at the upper floor of Cineleisure.. he juz finished doing show at Low Yat and came straight to Cineleisure to watch movie with us. We go to the cinema together to buy the tickets but Transformers movie ticket sold out! demit! ~~

Dengan semangatnya, we go to One Utama try to search for tickets bcoz we really want to watch that movie.. Nasir was waiting at Burger King with Joe as they got there first with motorcycle..

*A response by Nasir after the waitress didnt want to refill the soft drinks that he bought.. is it true that we cant refill drinks at Burger King on Saturday and Sunday? duhh~

Again, we're all been dissapointed by the fact that both GSC and TGV , the tickets were sold out!

*ARGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!.. After being dissapointed again and again, we go to the food court to fill our empty stomach..

Luckily, the sizzling mee isnt dissapointing at all..so yummy haha..
After eating, we went back home with tiredness and dissapointment..

* Bilela nak dapat tengok Transformers ni?? WaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAaaaaaaaaa~!!!!!

Last Sunday, there was a competition held at Universiti Malaya regarding to Program Karnival Kecergasan State Level of Wilayah Persekutuan organized by Ministry of Sports and Youth. It was called Aerobic Hip Hop Dance Competition.. eventhough it sounds weird but we shamelessly tried our luck by participated in the competition. haha =P~

We arrived at UM where the event was held at 10am.. so early yet we manage to wake up, especially Boy and Joe..*gagaga~ I (Farouq), Wan and Boy went there by Boy's car (Mitsubishi Evo OldSkool Flava ahaha) while Joe and Nasir by their own motorcycle. As we arrive, Nasir and Joe is already there. Also, there was the other crew, the junior of Floor Fever Crew which is Phunky Phlow~ Aroy, Hary, Mael and K.. we stay under the booth while waiting for the competition to begin. However, a few moments later there was blacked out *damn its hot bcoz the fan is stopped~ so we move under a tree nearby where it is more ' redup'. beside us there was a wall climbing stuff. While we are waiting, we tried the wall climbing and yup, its really harder than it looks, especially for a 'gayat' person like me *blush2 ahhaha.. Boy didnt tried and we agree bcoz were afraid the wall will fall down *jangan mara boy hhehe..

Its a long wait, coz the electricity were turned off.. its a normal thing there except they already tell the management about the event held but there was a technical problem so they have to complain to the electric supplier management. after a few hours passed by (*say EARLY, start LATE, WACK!), the organizer decided to run the comp using sound systems from car *WHATT!!??.. layan je la.. Luckily there are contestants who could use their car to play the music.. at almost 2pm the comp started.. Wakaka were the last crew to perform. After performance by Energy Fits and PhunkyPhlow.. suddenly there was electricity~~ WAKAKA IS SO LUCKY HAHHAHA.. we're the only crew perform using the speaker and sound systems provided..

This is our clips !!! enjoy !!!

After performances, we have to wait for the result announcements on the evening.. aiyoo..
However, we manage to spend our time with kids that come to the event..(primary school kids haha.. we LOVE children *each one teach one reach one.. ZUUUUUUUULLUUUUUUUUU)
haha we spend our time playing soccer with them..SOCCER!!!! *kitorg bukan kaki bangku ok!! haha.. Nasir Joe Farouq Aroy and Wan really excited playing but we got bullied by the kids *WACK! korang ramai boley arrrr~~ haha.. it was really fun.. da lame x maen bola huhu... yup, Zue (Zen's gf) and Ayu also came to watch the competition~ while waiting for the result, Nasir manage to flirt with a girl named Anum..

Farouq: umo die bape?
Nas: 16, budak skola lagi.. ko nak aku adjust untuk ko ke?
Farouq: aduh lemah smangat.. malas aku nak layan budak skola..xpela..


after a long wait, which is so tiring they announced the result..

weirdo, we dont even do aerobic steps!=p.. and PhunkyPhlow got 2nd place in the comp..
The prize is RM600, trophy, medals and certificate+ souvenir


after that we went to Mont Kiara to rest a bit.. so tired, not tired for the comp, but tired of waiting hahahha~

P/S: padan muke Joe xbanyak gamba sbb asek dok melayan pempuan jek tah hilang ke mane..hahaha

Thanx to Ministry of Sports and Youth for supporting this event~
PeaCe, Love, Unity and Having Fun!!!~

WATS UP EVERYBODY!!!??? first of all dis is our first post 4 da blog =p.. we decided to do this blog juz to create a lil bit of memories of what we do along our life of being a bboy~~ life that can't and shouldn't be forgotten..and most of all is to be enjoyed! hehe.. and maybe there are ppls out there who'd love to read our story and stay updated wit our crew.. love u all~ mwah2! =*

last 3 days (its Saturday) our crew got an invitation to perform a show for birthday party at Shah Village Hotel at Petaling Jaya~ the party started at 7.30pm but we already been there at 6pm (were not punctual, were early heheh.. ayat miko:macamane aku bole keje ON TIME? =P).. the place is nice, got swimming pool and nice views etc.... the bday party is organized to celebrate the 15th bday of the daughter of the family named Najilaa's (*pretty hot girl.. suitable for u joe =P).. actually the party is held for about 200 invited guests but the person dat comes i think didn't even reach 50ppls.. its because they sent the invitation late.. however the party is still happening.. after a speech by the bday girl, our crew started the opening performances..

This is our clips of the show !!! enjoy !!!

the stage is kinda small but we manage to do the show smoothly.. (*joe kicked sumthing on stage i think its the speakerbox.. ngok haha) after dat they hv a little game but we all didnt participate, we stay outside to eat! *nyum2.. hehe after the game wan and nas were asked to bring in the bday cake while wearing masks like the jabbawockeez mask(dont know whats the point but they looks kinda funny ggagaga).. after making wishes and cut the cake, our crew did another performance on the dance floor *yeah! only freestyle showcase but its better coz the floor is bigger and safe~ apul and boy also participate in the showcase but farouq didnt coz lilo ask him to take picture*damn~haha ..after dat the party begins we dance like crazy wit all the guests and the bday girls~~.. wan go out and eating alone bcoz he didnt want to waste the chances to eat as much as he can hahaha.. after a while we went back to floor fever studio at mont kiara.. we really enjoy the party!~

thanx to apul (floor fever, zulu nation Malaysia) for inviting us to do the show and lend us the costumes~ and for the bday girl's family for organizing such a beautiful party.. peaCe~

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