28 June, Sunday- Hahah, we got an invitation to do performance at shuffle competition! hahaha weirdo but layan jela.. lagipon kite kena support aktiviti2 yang berfaedah ni bukankah begitu?? hehe..at 3pm i(farouq lagi), joe, boy and wan went to Ole-ole Shopping Complex at Shah Alam.. We actually had perform there once, also under our beloved Kak Nurul~ =*.. hehe.. First we got there, the competition didnt over yet.. so we went to the toilet first.. then we go back to the stage(its not a stage anyway, its juz the floor..haha) suddenly the mc say "the show will start in 5minutes~ haa?? we havent stretching yet! hahaha.. layan jela.. actually when the show started we kinda shy bcoz we feel like we perform at a wrong event.. however the crowd really not dissapointing coz we got their support! hahaha.. of coz, shuffler is also dancer.. they now how it feel to be like us..kakaka jiwang plak~~ after the show, we borak with some of the shuffler.. amazingly, most of them know about bboying!! skills, famous bboy and all.. haha good2.. u all shud also learn how to bboy ok..


Shuffler: abang, dalam wakaka ni sape yang reti popping?
joe: abang ni.. die popping, shuffle electro sume bole! (sambil menunjuk ke arah boy)
big boy: (sambil merenung tajam) siot ko kalo nak bahan aku ade je point!
shuffler: terpinga beramai2~

hahaha~ joe always like dat, we already get used to it.. saba jela boy~~

after the show, we all hang out at Bukit Bintang..
Wan bought a new shoes Nike Sweet Classic~

Me(Farouq) bought a new skinny! yeay~ *its always our style, WAKAKA style hahahah~~~

Boy also buy new shoe laces with dope colours..cool~~

After that we went back home tiredly..



nice gansta hats

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