That day we were asked by Apul to do showcase at UCSI college Taman Connaught.. after arriving to that place we met the organizer, Michelle and she said that our show will start at 2pm..

kat UCSI tengah lunch

So we had lunch first because we go there after just woke up.. when it almost 2pm, suddenly Wan got a phone call from Apul said that we're in the wrong place! hahaha.. That day actually we supposed to do showcase at Asia Cafe.. so we all instantly go to Asia Cafe.. and when we arrived the mini compo isn't there yet! haha.. we start kinda late, after 4pm i think.. because we started late so we only do 2 shows.. haha dunno whether its luck or what.. kakaka~

Joe wat muke taik kat Solehah hahahha

Wan dengan gaya tersendiri~~


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